ACT 2 - SCENE 7  
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SCENE 7 - Even Later - The Zero Club

This takes us to the end of a single moment. Like the experience of your life flashing before you in a single moment, this play is what flashed through me one moment in 1981 when I waited at a crosswalk in New York City, looked down and saw a stencil the real Zero Club had painted on the sidewalk. It think it said, "Five Miles to Ground Zero - this way for Megatons of Fun." The humor, the despair, the comaraderie, the hope, the hopelessness, the desire to escape, the fantasy that I could be strong enough to withstand Armageddon -- everything I tried to write in this play flashed through me in that moment, and at the end of that flash, I ended where this play ends now.

But this can't be the end.

The writing of this play is what moved me from hopelessness and isolation to action. My fear unfroze in that moment and this play was the torent that poured out. Through it, I learned that hope for me is in the expression and sharing of my fear. I don't have an answer for how to fix the world, I only know I've found one way to be part of it, to melt my own fear. I can only tell you my way - the way Octavia told Molly:

Absolute Now -- Absolute Here
Absolutely positively bright and shining clear

Starting with you, starting with now,
Starting this moment you start to know how.

All of the rest fades from your view - All of a sudden you're absolutely you.
Absolutely Now, this is where your life can start.
Absolutely here with you - this time live it from the heart.

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SONG 25: "Absolute Now"
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