ACT 1 - SCENE 3  
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SCENE THREE - Meanwhile, back at the Bus Stop with Molly & Sheila

Meanwhile ... back at the BusStop, Sheila has Molly in a conversational bearhug:
"Hey, maybe you can help me with something," she says. "I have this idea, kind of like a survey, and I need the response of an uninterested party."

"Oh, I'm definitely uninterested," Molly says.

"Great!" says Sheila, and launches into an explanation of the "nucelar chain reaction letter," -- a kind of pyramid scheme for writing to elected officials.

Relentlessly friendly, Sheila grabs Molly's arm: "You know, you should come visit the Zero Club," she says, "We're havin' a dance. An You know, a mixer. It's a joke. You know, the M.X. missile? A '' Come on, that's funny, right?"

Sheila explains that the mission of the Club is to break through the psychic numbing that keeps people from facing their fears of nuclear annihilation – and that the club it was founded by famous TV-star Octavia Valentine.

"Octavia Valentine?!" Molly gasps. "Wasn't she the star of the 'Space Girl' TV show back in the 50's?"

"That's her!" says Sheila. "Now she's the President of The Zero Club. And the founder."

"Hey, isn't that your bus?" Molly points offstage left.

"Oh thank you! You're a sweetheart!" and Sheila stuffs a leaflet in Molly's hand and runs offstage yelling for the bus to stop. Two seconds later, Pete, Molly's brother, saunters in from stage right. "Mollykins!" he yells, and Molly runs into his arms."Thank God!" she sighs, "You just saved my life!" [Next Scene >]


[THE SKETCH FOR THIS SCENE: If/when we have a sketch for this scene, it'll probably be: Molly and Sheila talking at the busstop and Molly with a thought-bubble, inside of which is the picture of Octavia as "Space Girl" - and Molly looks consternated, while Sheila is gabbing away, too friendly for words)