ACT 1 - SCENE 4  
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SCENE 4 - At Chez La Deluge Bistro - "Sandbag, Idaho"

As Molly and Pete hug, the lights rise on an upscale cafe scene behind them, where we sees Zeros, dressed as waiters and hostess setting the table, preparing for business, etc. Molly and Pete turn and enter the cafe, and take a seat on the patio overlooking the street, telling the hostess that Ned, Molly fiancee, will be joining them shortly.

Pete asks Molly who she was talking to on the corner. "She was cute," Pete grins.

"Jeez, Pete, she's a crazy anti-nuke activist."

"But really cute," Pete repeats.

Molly and Pete banter for awhile. When Ned arrives, the tension between Pete and Ned is palpable. They've been rivals since they were kids, and Molly's impending marriage to Ned is only making it worse. When Ned is called away from the table for a phone call, Pete vents his frustration about Molly and Ned's marriage plans and then reveals his big birthday secret for Molly. He pulls it out an envelope with a flourish and hands it over: A one-way ticket to Sandbag, Idaho.

"Sandbag, Idaho?" says Molly.

" I bought ten acres of land there, Mo!" Pete says, "I took all the money out of my savings. There’s a big house there and a huge cellar and our own well and we can stockpile it with food. You gotta come with me, Molly. It’d be like going back in time, to someplace safe and quiet. They don’t even have cable TV out there!"

"But why?" Molly looks at him mystified.

"Because," whispers Pete,' I'ts the one safe place in America"

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SONG 4: "Sandbag, Idaho"

Molly looks at him dumbfounded. "You want me to go there with you?"

"Mo, you can't marry a nuclear arms entrepreneur! You need to be safe!"

"But Ned is MAKING me safe," says Molly.

Pete shakes his head, "Nobody's safe, Molly."

Just at this moment, who should walk up but Sheila, handing out leaflets. Sheila sees Molly on the patio and runs over, as if they're long-lost friends.

The chemistry between Sheila and Pete is immediate and when Sheila invites him to the evening's MXer he immediately accepts, against Molly's protests. "And if you want," says Sheila, "You can come to the big demonstration on Sunday! It'll be on network TV at an undisclosed location!"

Suddenly we hear Octavia's voice from offstage and Molly, despite herself, is spellbound. She stares in horror at her childhood hero passing out leaflets on the street like a common ... leafleteer! And when Ned returns Molly tells him all about the Zeros and Octavia Valentine. When she mentions Sunday's rally, he grabs her arm. "But we're unveiling the Midget-Man on Sunday - at an undisclosed location!" he gasps. He insists that Molly go to the club that evening to infiltrate and find out the Zero's plans. [Next Scene >]