ACT 2 - SCENE 5  
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SCENE 5 - Moments Later - The Zero Club

Meanwhile, back at the club, Octavia & Ned and all the Zeros are dancing. Behind them looms a huge multicolored missile, like a prop from the Macy's Day parade. Octavia and Ned waltz as if they were Ginger and Fred and the bomb were a fountain in Rome. They are dressed in tuxedo and gown. The Zeros waltz, too, but they all weary gauzy shrouds and their faces are covered by faceless grey masks.

As the song builds, Ned sings:
I dreamt that it finally happened
The song of the sirens filled the air.
I dreamt that it finally happened
And you and I were there.

I dreamt that it finally happened!
We were there! You and I!
And just as I took you into my arms,
The burst and rush of clouds filled the sky!
No more waiting!

The Zeros begin to file forward, each with their own tale of nightmare:
"I dreamt that it finally happened. The bomb is about to drop ...
"I dreamt about evacuation ...
"I dreamt that I was running with hundreds of people ...
Together they tell a tale of horror and annihilation. From different parts of the stage, they converge into one huddled mass, until one small voice speaks: "I dreamt I crawled into a basement, alone, praying to die..."

SONG 20?: "Tell Me Your Nightmares Reprise"
(no audio)
(no lyrics yets)


SONG 21: "Paradise Awaits Them"
(no audio)
(no lyrics yets)



As if it were a lullabye, or a hushed love song, Octavia and Ned sing:
"Paradise awaits them when they rise out of the darkness after the end
Fresh new day no on to harm us, brand new world, no one to spoil it, after the end."

The song builds from a tender lullaby,and at it's deafening crescendo, Ned yells: "I can't wait any longer! Tell them to drop the big one now!"

In slow motion, the Zeros fall, one on top of the other, until they are a huge pile of shrouds with Ned and Octavia twirling in the spotlight.

Suddenly Molly appears at the door to the club, out of breath from running. She sees the pile of shrouds and Ned in Octavia's arms and shrieks, "Ned! Octavia! What did you do to these people??? You said we'd never use the bomb!"

"Molly!" Ned runs to her.

"You killed them! The two of you killed them!" Molly shrieks.

"Molly, it's just a game," Ned cries. "A war game. An enactment. It's not real."

"It IS real!" Molly screams and moving to the pile of Zeros, she touches them. "They're not just zeros. They're real people. Their deaths should be important."

MUSIC CUE: "When the End Comes" [Audio]

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SONG 23: "When the End Comes"
Studio demo with intro (composer singing)
Studio demo no intro (composer singing)
Janet Greeley singing


Slowly the Zeros and Octavia slink away, leaving Ned, Pete and Molly.

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