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The Zero Club
A Nuclear Musical Comedy by Deborah Henson-Conant

"If we weren't serious ...we wouldn't be laughing."
The Zero Club Motto

About the MP3s, Lyrics (PDF) and Sheet Music (PDF). Please note:

This piece is currently in development, so it's likely that there will be discrepancies between
the MP3, Lyrics and Sheet Music versions of the songs.
We'll try to keep this page updated with more current vesions as we get them.

The MP3s are mostly "work-tracks," versions of the songs the composer made for cast members to learn the music - these are not professional recordings - they're simply made to show what the music should basically sound like and help the actors to learn their parts. Please note that all the men's parts are sung by the Deborah, the composer - don't let that confuse you. Deborah made many of these recordings to help the original cast learn their parts.

The Lyrics - these are pdfs excerpted from the current version of the script. When you click on the link, the lyrics will open in a separate window as a PDF.

The Sheet Music - these are pdf versions of the piano/vocal scores. When you click on the link, the lyrics will open in a separate window as a PDF.

There are 22 songs in "The Zero Club." Below are MP3s, Lyrics & Sheet music for some of them. We'll add and update files as we can. Thanks! And Enjoy!

TITLE & Description MP3 Lyrics (PDF) Sheet Music (PDF)
WHEN THE END COMES (Molly)      

This was the first song Deborah wrote for "Zero Club." It comes very near the end of the story, when Molly's apathy is sudden stripped away in a flash and she comes face to face with her own mortality.

MP3 Version 1: is sung by Janet Greeley (who played Molly in the original production)

MP3 Version 2: is sung by the composer (DHC)

If you're playing Molly in "The Zero Club": sheet music for this piece is currently available in both C and Ab.

When the End Comes #1 - Jan* MP3 (3.4)

When the End Comes #2-DHC* MP3 (3.7 MB)

When the End Comes Lyrics When the End Comes Sheet Music
JOIN THE CLUB / LEAVE ME OUT (Zeros & Molly)      

This is the first song of the show. Mollly's waiting for her brother, Pete, on a street corner, when the Zeros show up at the bus-stop on their way to a rally. They try to engage Molly, singing "You wanna be hip? Join the club!" and try to get her to agree to come to their rally. Her response is the song "Leave Me Out."

MP3 Version 1: is just the song "Leave Me Out" (without the Zero's introduction)

MP3 Version 2: is excerpted from the live show and includes the Zero's "Join the Club"

Leave Me Out MP3 (no intro) (1.8 MB)

Join Up / Leave Me Out MP3 (with intro) - excerpted from live show (3.9 MB)

Leave Me Out Lyrics Leave Me Out Sheet Music
FREEZE A LITTLE (Octavia & Molly)      
Freeze a Little (Octavia & Molly)
Molly goes to visit Octavia. She's torn between her own apathy and Octavia's passion. When Molly expresses her reticence about fighting for what she believes, Octavia sings this and Molly joins in.
Freeze A Little MP3 (3.5 MB) Freeze a Little Lyrics Freeze a Little Sheet Music
MEGATONS OF FUN (Octavia & the Zeros)      

The basic premise of the Zero Club is that people are so profoundly afraid of nuclear annihilation that their brains become numb to thinking about it - and that leads to apathy, inaction and other forms of escapism. To break through that "psychic numbing" the Zeros develop various guerrilla theater games spiced with a very dark humor. One of those games is the "Reverse Civil Defense Drill," where, instead of creating strategies to escape a nuclear bomb blast, they create strategies to be at the exact point of impact, all together, where they'll have a party "that's the greatest blast of all."

"This was a real game of the original 'Ground Zero Club'"" says the composer/playwrite, "and it was one of the stencils the club had painted on the sidewalk in NYC that stopped me in my tracks, completely turned my head upside down and inspired me to write this play and the music in it."

Megatons of Fun (4.6 MB) Megatons of Fun Lyrics Megatons of Fun Sheet Music
WHO WILL MOURN ME (Sheila)      
Sheila is the number one Zero. She belives in the club's principles, but personally fears the anonymity of dying in a holocaust more than she fears the fact that it could happen. She bares her soul to Pete in this song. Who Will Mourn Me MP3 (3.1. MB) Who Will Mourn Me Lyrics Who Will Mourn Me Sheet Music
BOMBSHELLS (Sheila, Adele & the Zeros)      

This is part of a "play within a play," as the Zeros practice for one of their guerilla theatre pieces in which Octavia plays a kind of demented Uncle Sam figure, introducing her nuclear family of warheads.

MP3 Version 1: is sung by the composer

MP3 Version 2: is excerpted from the live show (and shows how the different parts might get split up)

If you're performing this it can be sung by one person or split up various different ways for 2 or more performers.

1.Bombshells MP3 (DHC singing) (2.3 MB)

2. Bombshells MP3 (live show) 2.1 MB)


Bombshell Lyrics Bombshell Sheet Music
MOLLY & NED (Molly & Ned)      

Molly begs Ned to tell her that they'll be safe in the event of a nuclear blast. Ned has built a state-of-the-art bomb shelter and believes that not only will he and Molly survive nuclear holocaust, it will allow them to start a truly new life as a mixture of Adam and Eve and Noah's ark.

MP3 Version 1: Deborah is singing Ned's part - that's why it sounds like two women are singing. In fact, this song is for Ned and Molly, but Deborah made this audio for the original Ned to learn his part.

MP3 Version 2: is from the live peroduction with Kevin Anderson as Ned and Janet Greeley as Molly.

Score: we're in the middle of fixing layout problems on this score (a lot of the text is unreadable - hope to have a new chart soon)

1. Molly & Ned MP3 (dhc) (5.8 MB)

2. Molly & Ned MP3 (live show) 5.6 MB)

Molly & Ned Lyrics Molly & Ned Sheet Music
NED'S SOLILOQUY ("Does She Believe Me?") (Ned)      

Although Ned has assured Molly that he has everything under control, when she leaves, he starts to doubt himself.

MP3 Version 1: sung by the composer to help the original Ned learn his part.

MP3 Version 2: is from the live production with Kevin Anderson as Ned.

1. Ned's Soliloquy MP3 (DHC(2.6 MB)

2. Ned's Soliloquy MP3 (live show) (2.9 MB)

Ned's Soliloquy Lyrics Ned's Soliloquy Sheet Music
MOTOROLA (Sheila, Pete & The Zeros)      

This song opens the second act. The Zeros lounge around in Molly's apartment waiting to watch "Space Girl" reruns and talking about their first TVs.

This MP3 is the work-recording made by Deborah so cast members could learn the music, you'll hear her indicate where the cast should act out quick scenes from their favorite childhood TV shows. You'll also hear her refer to the club as the "Ground Zero Club," since this recording is from the original version of the show (the original version of the club was the "Ground Zero Club")

If you're playing one of the Zeros in a performance of "The Zero Club": prepare quick (5-10 second) 'spots' that epitomize a show, or some line the show is famous for.

Motorola MP3 (dhc) (4.2 MB) Motorola Lyrics Motorola Sheet Music
TELL ME YOUR NIGHTMARES (Octavia, Ned & the Zeros)      

Octavia suspects that Ned's fascination with nuclear bombs isn't all about security and finance. To him there's something sexy in the huge power of destruction and she plays on his fascination in this song that closes Act One.

MP3 #1: Deborah is singing Ned's part - that's why it sounds like a woman is singing. This is the audio recording Deborah made to help the original Ned learn his part.

MP3 #2: is from the live performance, with Gloria Hodes as Octavia and Kevin Anderson as Ned.

1. Nightmares MP3 (DHC singing) (2.7 MB)

2. Nightmares MP3 (live show) 3.9 MB)

Tell Me Your Nightmares Lyrics Tell Me Your Nightmares Sheet Music
MEET THE MISSILES (Octavia, Sheila, Adele, Pete & the Zeros)      

This whole sequence is basically a "Play within a Play." It begins with Octavia, as Uncle Sam, describing his personal relationship with the bomb, a relationship that began monogamously but soon developed into more of a harm."And now I live in nuclear polygamy," he ends,"proliferating right and left as fast as I can go. But let me introduce you to my family... " and so begins the show-within-a-show, the Zero's impersonating -- or anthropomorphising different bombs.

Meet the MIssiles Medley MP3 #1: is the whole medley from the live show

Below are separate MP3s for each bomb in the medley above. We separated them to make it easier for cast members to learn each individual part. In some cases, we've included alternate versions from a cabaret performance of the tunes.

New Gal Mirv - Terry introduces his new gal, the M.I.R.V. missile

Carmen Mirvanda - Adele is Carmen Mirvanda, with Eunice and Soraya as sidekicks

Cruisin' Little Cruise Missile #1 - from the Marketplace Cabaret (sung by the now famous singer/songwriter Kevin So. when he was a kid)

Cruisin' Little Cruise Missile #2 - from the live show

Ballistic Missile #1 - from the Marketplace Cabaret (a group of sweet teenagers sings this version)

Ballistic Missile #2 - sung by jewelry artist and opera singer Cherie Magnello from the original cast

Meet the Missiles Medley MP3 (live show) (11.3 MB)

New Gal Mirv (live show) (1MB)

Carmen Mirvanda (live show) (1.1 MB)

Cruisin' Cruise Missile #1 (Cabaret) (2.2 MB)

Cruisin' Cruise Missile #2 (live show) (2 MB)

Ballistic Missile #1 (Cabaret) (1.2 MB)

Ballistic Missile #2 (live show) (1.6 MB)


Lyrics Coming Soon Meet the Missiles Sheet Music (this is the whole medley, 15a through 15f)
REQUIEM (Octavia & the Zeros)      
When Molly can't deny the reality of her own fears any longer, she becomes completely catatonic. Octavia and the Zeros sing this Requiem for Molly and for the frozen part of each one of us. Requiem MP3 (live show) (3.3 MB) Lyrics Coming Soon Requiem Sheet Music
THE MAD SISTERS (Sheila & Adele)      
Adele and Sheila practice one of their guerilla theatre numbers, a song about the Mutual Assured Destruction "club" the U.S.S.R. and U.S.A. developed little by little after World War 2. Mad Sisters MP3 (live show) (4.7 MB) Lyrics Coming Soon Mad Sisters Sheet Music
PENTAGON DANCE (Octavia, Sheila & the Zeros)      

At the Zero Club M.X.-er (kind of like a "mixer, but named for the M.X. missile") Octavia and the Zeros do their own version of a Square Dance hoe-down with this Pentagon Dance.

MP3 #1: is the composer singing it for the cast to learn

MP3 #2: is from the live production

Pentagon Dance MP3 (live show) (2.6 MB)

Pentagon Dance Lyrics Pentagon Dance Sheet Music
ABSOLUTE NOW & ABSOLUTE NOW REPRISE (Octavia & Molly sing it the first time - in the reprise everyone sings)

Molly admits to Octavia that she is lost and feels like she has no real value in the world, no role, no sense of direction. Octavia explains that there is a way to find your own "Absolute" here and now.

MP3: this is a "working" version Deborah made just to help people learn their parts.

WorkVersion of Absolute Now Lyrics to come

Absolute Now Sheet Music

Absolute Now Reprise Sheet Sheet Music

Pete tells Molly he's found the one place in the U.S. that's safe from nuclear fallout, and he wants her to come live with him there. It's called Sandbag, Idaho. MP3 to come Lyrics to come Sandbag, Idaho Sheet Music
MORE TO COME (The following will come in time)

More to Come
(Something's Gotta Mean Something)
(One Day / Something)

Also check the Scene-by-Scene page --- most of the music is linked there, even if it's not linked here.