ACT 1 - SCENE 10b  
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SCENE 10b - At the Zero Club (Scene 10 continued)

The scene shifts to Molly, Ned & Pete outside the Zero Club. Ned is disguised as an English diplomat. When they enter the club, Octavia greets them and Molly introduces Ned as Mr. Jones. Octavia immediately suspects who he really is and why he's come to the club. She turns the full force of her charm on him. For his part, Ned can barely take his eyes off Octavia.

"You seem like a man who loves power," Octavia purrs.

"Oh, yes!" Ned drools.

"Well then, I think you'll appreciate this next number. Take it away, Zeros!"

MUSIC CUE: "15b through f: (titles as below)

And in comes a bluesy, low-down-looking character with sunglasses and a harmonica. He begins the "Medley of Mass Destruction"

The following audio is all songs 15a thru 15f. In addition, there are links for the individual sections (15a, 15b, 15c, etc) below.



(Note - the audio may take a few seconds to load below)

"Medly of Mass Destruction" (15a through 15f)
This audio is the complete audio of the following songs. I repeated the audio links for individual segments of the medley where possible.
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The following happens during the various songs 15a through 15f:
After his introduction, out onto the stage sashays a tall gal with a hat like Carman Miranda's, but instead of fruit, it's filled with multicolored bombshells. She sings ....

Song 15c: Carmen Mirvanda

As Carmen leaves the stage, in comes a smokin' looking character in a silver jacket and a smokey voice. He sings ..

SONG: 15d. "Cruisin' Little Cruise Missile"







As the Cruise Missile does a back flip off the stage, 3 ballerinas dance in, holding huge pink beach balls. They sing ...

SONG: "15e. I Am A Ballistic Missile"

Octavia muscles her way back in as Uncle Sam and sings...

SONG: "15f. Now You've Met My Family" and "15g. Strip My Defenses" [No individual audio for this songs yet]

SONG 15f: "Now You've Met My Family" and 15g "Strip My Defenses" - no separate audio for this part of the sequence yet.

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