ACT 2 - SCENE 6  
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SCENE 6 - Immediately afterwards - The Zero Club

Ned, Pete & the bomb are alone in the Zero Club. Slowly, Molly turns and walks to the huge bomb on the cabaret stage and steps inside it. Ned and Pete watch, as if in a trance, and only seem to wake up when she disappears. Then then both rush up to the bomb.

"Molly," Ned says, with the tight sound of a voice nearly out of control, "come out of that bomb."

"Molly, please come out," Pete adds.

Silence from Molly.

"You'll get stuck in there, Mo," Pete sings to her. "Olly Olly Oxen Free. Come out, come out wherever you are."

"Sweetheart, darling," says Ned. "Dont you want to come stand by Ned during his big press conference? Why don't you come out HERE to wait for the big one to fall, darling?"

"Crap!" says Pete. "How am I going to get her on the plane if she's inside that thing."

"She's not getting on a plane. She's staying here." says Ned.

"Says who?" Pete retorts.

"Molly is my secretary! She can't leave without two weeks written notice. Bomb or no bomb, she's in the office Monday morning at 8 AM sharp."

"This bomb's gonna be in a pressurized luggage compartment of a 747 Sunday night, buddy," Pete says, shoving Ned.

"Hey! Don't get physical, buster." Ned shoves back. "Look, if you don't back off, I'm gonna push a button that blows you to --"

"REQUIEM!!" Suddenly Octavia's voice fills the room. "REQUIEM!"

With the Zeros following, she enters like a high priestess singing ....

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SONG 24: "Requiem"
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(alternate version)

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