ACT 1 - SCENE 5  
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SCENE 5 - At the Zero Club MXer - "Pentagon Dance"

The lights fade on the Bistro and we hear the Zeros in their clubhouse.

SONG 5: "Megatons of Fun Reprise"
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As the lights rise on the Zero Club, we see Octavia at the bandstand in a leather cowboy outfit and all the Zeros in cowboy hats and kercheifs, arranged on the dance floor as if for a Square Dance. "The Square Dance," Octavia begins, "Is the traditional American dance -- but in the interests of National Security, I propose - a Pentagon Dance!" The Zeros cheer and the band starts the hoedown music.



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SONG 6: "Pentagon Dance"

Pete joins in the Pentagon Dance with Sheila, but Molly sits shyly on the sidelines and when the dance is over, Octavia joins her. Molly is completley star-struck. She knows she's supposed to spy for Ned, but instead she can't help blurting out how much she loved "Space Girl" and asking why it was taken off the air. Octavia laughs, "Well, you must come round to see me some time and I'll tell you all about my fall from greatness. But tonight -- sit back! Enjoy the show!"

Octavia sweeps back up to the stage with a flourish, grabs the microphone. "And now!" she says. There's a drumroll and Adele and Sheila enter, glaring at each other. One is dressed like a Russian peasant and the other like an All-American Baseball fan. They stomp to center stage, still glaring, and Octavia continues: "May I introduce the MAD sisters!"

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SONG 7: "Mad Sisters"
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When the song is over, Molly's desperate to leave and as she drags Pete away, he makes a date to visit the new city bomb shelter the next day with Sheila.

As Molly and Pete leave, they hear the Zeros once again launch into "Megatons of Fun."

SONG 8: "Megatons of Fun" Reprise
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The lights fade on the Zero Club and rise on Ned's office. [Next Scene >]