ACT 2 - SCENE 2  
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SCENE TWO - Still in Molly's apartment

Suddenly the door flies open and Molly steps into the room. She's already stressed and unhappy and with one look at the mayhem in her livingroom, she completely blows up. She orders everyone one and she and Pete start arguing about Sheila.

"You were fine before you started seeing her.," Molly taunts.

"Great. Blame it on Sheila. The only thing she did was give me the confidence to say what I believe to you." Pete retorts. "What happened to you Mollly? You used to be so hip. You used to have your own knapsack. We used to be so close."

"Oh great. This guy's giving me lectures about closeness and he's running off to hole up somewhere in the middle of nowhere."

"At least I admit I'm running away. You already ran away – two million light years inside yourself. And, hey, you know what? You're not so safe in that shelter of Ned's. You know what happens when the bomb drops? It's so hot it starts to suck all the air out of the earth. And that's where you're going to be. Sucking for air in some black hole."

"Who told you that charming fact? Miss Zero IQ?"

"Yeah, Mo, try to convince yourself, 'Better Ned than Dead.' but it's the same difference." He gets up, grabs his jacket and heads to the door. "Where IS Ned anyway? Oh, I forgot, politics makes strange bedfellows. Maybe Ned found a woman with blood in her veins. Maybe YOU should watch Space Girl. You might remember something about what you used to believe in." And he storms out the door.

[SKETCH - Pete and Molly fight]

Molly collapses on the couch and drops her head in her hands.

MUSIC CUE: We hear an echo of Octavia's voice singing:

"One day, something inside you,
Somehow bursts in your head,
Yearns to be heard, begs to be said..."

Molly responds, singing sadly:
"Close your eyes and you feel it.
Touch my hand and it's there.
Hold my breath and I will need it."
(spoken) I need it ....

And the lights fade...

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SONG 18: "Something Reprise"

(note - this is not the correct audio, but it will give you a taste of the song)

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(I think this is the live version)
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