ACT 2 - SCENE 4  
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SCENE 4 - Early evening - Molly's Apartment

As the voice continues, the lights rise on Molly's apartment. She's fallen asleep on the couch in front of the TV. On the TV, we see Octavia in a Space Girl outfit, battling cartoon enemies. Like most superheros, she speaks her lines in between daring acts of physical prowess.

(Announcer's voice) "When we left Space Girl last week, the world was poised on the eve of destruction.

Molly stirs in her sleep, "Space Girl," she mumbles, "save me!"

Space Girl whacks a drooling gila monster and shouts out of the TV set, "Oh go save yourself, you little wimp."

Molly, rises from the couch in her sleep, "But YOU'RE the hero!"

"Be your own hero!" Space Girl yells, pulling out her sword and stabbing a huge red blob, "Can't you see I'm busy?"

"But the world's a mess," Molly whines.

"This is news?" Space Girl counters. "It's always been a mess. Thanks for finally noticing."

"But I don't know what to do!" Molly cries. "Space Girl, please!! I need you!"

Space Girl kicks a silver razor-handed robot into outerspace, then turns to Molly and shakes her head.
OK, listen Molly ...

(Note - the audio may take a few seconds to load below)

SONG 20: "One Day / Something"

(The part of this audio that's sung in this scene is just the last part - the duet)

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Molly wakes up with a bang from her Space Girl dream, and sits upright on the couch. "I have to stop Ned!" she cries, jumps up, grabs her coat and runs out the door.

[SKETCH: Molly begging Space Girl for heop, or Octavia as Space Girl battling robots -- mostly because I'd love to see what Heikki's robots would look like ... although actually I'd love to see any type of monster Heikki would draw]


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