ACT 1 - SCENE 7  
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SCENE 7 - The next day - at the Zero Club - "Freeze a Little"

The next day, Molly comes to the Zero Club to spy on Octavia, but as before, she's completely caught in Octavia's thrall and finds she's baring her soul instead of spying. When Molly admits that she's lost and confused, Octavia takes Molly's hands and comforts her.

SONG 11: "Absolute Now"
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"And so you see, my dear, each one of us has our own important role to play." says Octavia.

"Really?" Molly asks.

"Really," says Octavia. "We can all be heroes in our own world if we just act on our beliefs."

"Could we?" Molly cries. "I always dreamt of being a hero, like Space Girl - coming in at the last minute to save the day."

"Best not to wait 'til the last minute, but you could be a hero at any time. Who knows when the opportunity will arise? It could be here absolutely now."

"Now?" Molly gulps.

"You might know things ...." But either Molly is too naive to realize Octavia wants information about Ned, or she's truly good at faking ignorance, and Octavia loses patience with Molly's wide-eyed naiveté. "Maybe you've made things too easy for yourself, too secure," Octavia says.

"What's wrong with that," Molly counters. "I want to feel secure. I'm always trying to feel secure."

"And you end up confused"

"I know."

"You need to fight for something you believe in!"

"But I hate fighting," Molly wails.

"Well, one day you may hate living. Little icicles may grow where your blood used to flow."


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SONG 12: "Freeze a Little"

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