ACT 2 - SCENE 3  
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SCENE 3 - Early that evening - Outside the Zero Club

Early that evening, Pete finds Sheila outside the club. She seems glum. He sits beside her on the stoop and they look at the stars.

"Nice night." Sheila muses. "I sure like being here. It's real pretty here, even though it's the city. Listen. Crickets. I love the sound of crickets. Makes me feel like I might really be alive."

"Course you're alive!" Pete laughs.

"Yeah, I know. But I forget," Sheila sighs. "I sure miss my grandma's house. I used to hear crickets there. And the train whistle. Lonesome and sweet. Yeah, I know it's a cliche. But it is lonesome and sweet. I miss my Grandma. I remember when my Grandma died. I guess I almost felt closer to her then than I ever did before. I felt her sort of roll into my heart. It's like she became a part of me when she died. My, there sure was a lot of people at her funeral.

"Oh, funerals. Bummer man. I hate funerals. I'd rather just get eaten by a tiger."

"I love funerals! And you could have a funeral even if you did get eaten by a tiger. I love funerals. I love singing those hymns. I love all the good things they say about people. I love how everybody tries to help everybody else. And everybody feels like it's OK to be emotional. I want a great big funeral!"

"You LIKE all that?" Pete, looks at her.

"Yeah – it makes me feel like part of somethin' that's gonna keep goin' on."

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SONG 19: "Who Will Mourn Me"

The lights fade on Pete and Sheila kissing on the stoop. As they fade, we hear the sound of a television announcer's voice announcing the next episode of Space Girl.

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