Fireworks for the Creative Spirit

Join GRAMMY®-Nominated electric harpist and composer Deborah Henson-Conant in this celebration of individual creative liberation -- a personal Fireworks display of the mind and creative spirit. At times you'll watch a performance, at others you'll learn the concepts behind the performance, and at yet others you'll participate in activities to explore your own creative process.

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This event hosted by Betsy Chapman of
"The Morning Show" on WPAZ  (Mon-Fri 6am-9am)

You can also attend Deborah's concerts in Boston-Area, Denver, Liberal KS and other cities. Click here for more info on concerts.

Deborah Henson-Conant's


TUE. SEP. 27
Pottstown, PA
7:00 - 9:30 pm

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at the

at the Tri-County Performing Arts Center
245 E. High St. - Pottstown, PA 19464





How do great artists continue to create in the face of challenges, rejection, fear, and doubt? What tools do they use? What skills do they develop? What keeps them going, and what keeps them from giving up or giving in? How do they create authentic work? These are some of the concepts Deborah will share with you from her own life.

Watch Deborah's Welcome Video from the Debut of "Fireworks..." in July 2011.
(this is a Quicktime video, so click the little arrow on the lower left-hand side below the screen to start it.
If you notice the video's a little out-of-sync - don't worry, it's the video, not you!


There are many ways to be creative. To be heard.

You don't have to go the standard route. Join this GRAMMY®-Nominated artist who has taken an unlikely instrument and turned it into the story of her life. Come see what is possible if you follow your own personal passion. Learn the concepts behind her work and bring them to your own life. You can be uniquely creative at any moment ... no matter what you start with!

All Levels Welcome

The basic principles of play and performance are the same whether you're a beginner or professional. For this event, your technical level or expertise is far less important than the depth of commitment to your own artistic growth. This event will help you uncover these fundamental artistic principles and practice them in your own life!

Beyond "Hands-On"

To connect with your instrument or your art, you can start with your inner world, through your connection with your own body, along with some basic concepts. The only instrument you need to bring is the one you live inside. Because this is an exploration of your inner world, your instrument will wait at home for your inspired return.

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Who should attend

  • You are a committed creative artist at any level of expertise
  • You are looking for inspiration and creative focus
  • You want to lead a more creative life
  • You want to know how better to develop your own creative ideas
  • You want to develop the performance aspect of your work

What will this workshop give you?

  • Principles and exercises for turning your passion into art
  • Ways to address your doubts
  • Insight into what's in your way, and how to get around it
  • A safe place to explore your own creative inner world
  • Specific tools, exercises, approaches and concept to help you when you're stuck, when you don't know where to start, or when you need to pull a vague artistic concept into focus
  • Greater ability to let yourself and others see who you really are

What you can expect

  • Direct contact with an out-of-the-box master performer, who has been at the top and bottom of success, who has invented her own instrument and her own style of performance - and who continues to meet challenges in her work -- and is willing to share both those challenges and their solutions with you
  • An approach that goes beyond 'hands-on' to 'body-on'
  • Concept-to-focus on what we are, what we can do, and what each person's unique artistic voice is, rather than pointing out what we're doing wrong, or providing techniques to help us create or perform like others
  • We'll learn how to enjoy our own work and others' without denigrating either ourselves or the other
  • In-the-moment improvisation of content and delivery
  • Creative interaction with other workshop participants
  • Authenticity, honesty, exploration of freedom, empowerment - and an honest discussion of the real challenges of being an artist and musician
  • A completely open Question & Answer period, when you will be able to ask Deborah literally anything about her life and work
  • And for dessert ... participants can test-drive the "DHC Blue Light" the world's most popular electric harp, that was invented specifically for Deborah by the CAMAC Company.
"I experienced a workshop, discussion, interaction and concert all in one evening! It seemed perfect for everyone present, and there were a variety of age groups, skill levels, harp people of various styles, yet we were all focused and excited to be there ..." Miriam Brown

"The main thing that keeps rolling around in my head is just to embrace exactly what and who you are in that moment, and have that be enough." Josh Fitzgerald


What to bring (just yourself!)

  • No gear, no packing - just commitment to your art and an open mind is all you need.
  • A pillow -- for the concert portions, you'll be sitting, standing or lying on the floor, up close and personal
  • Comfortable clothing, including socks if preferred-- you'll be taking off your shoes and moving around
  • You can bring cameras and video to take social shots before and after the event, but you will be asked not to film any portion of the event; Deborah's performance sections will be taped and available at a future time.
Location & Directions
"Fireworks..." is held in a large private home or other non-public location. Once you sign up, we'll provide exact directions.

Invest in Your Creative Passion

Tue. Sept. 27 -  Pottstown, PA
7:00 - 9:30pm

"Fireworks for the Creative Spirit"
Hosted by
Betsy Chapman of WPAZ'z "The Morning Show"
at Tri-County Performing Arts Center -
245 E. High St. - Pottstown, PA 19464

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Deborah Henson-Conant is the world's foremost electric harpist -- but this ain't your grandmother's harp!

She's a GRAMMY®-nominated recording artist, star of her own public TV special, "Invention & Alchemy," and, together with CAMAC Harp company, developed world's first comercially-produced carbon fibre electric harp -- the "DHC Blue-Light," named for her. She's called "the Jimi Hendrix ...' but she has challenges, like any other artist.

This workshop focuses on those challenges and the ways she, personally, meets them.

ABOUT HER INSTRUMENT: "I spent the past 2 decades working with CAMAC Harps to shrink my instrument from a 6-foot-tall 75lb ornate symphonic behemoth to an 11lb carbon-fibre electric powerhouse!" says composer & performer Deborah Henson-Conant. "This instrument was built specifically for the kinds of shows I do: shows that mix music, story and movement."

Henson-Conant combines music, theater and spoken word -- check out these YouTube videos for examples. To read more, see press release below.

Demo Overview
Dance with Me
Beck's Blues
The Nightingale

Press Release

Creative Fireworks 2011: Two Unusual Harpists create One Unusual Event ... and a Third joins them to bring it to Pennsylvania

GRAMMY®-Nominated Electric Harpist, Deborah Henson-Conant, presents a Creative Discovery Event in Pottstown, PA based on her Concert/Seminar "Strings of Passion"

- WHO: GRAMMY® Nominated Electric Harpist: Deborah Henson-Conant
- WHAT: Discovery Performance Event, "Fireworks for the Creative Spirit"
- WHEN: Tue. Sept. 27, 2011 at 7 - 9:30 pm
- WHERE: Tri-Count Performance Arts Center - 245 E. High St. - Pottstown, PA 19464
- PRICE: $99
- EVENT INFO: Information about the event
- MEDIA INQUIRIES or to SCHEDULE INTERVIEWS: Beatriz Harley / 781-483-3556

Imagine this: In a private location, a world-class performer shares her creative process and principles with a small group of creative artists who then try them out on the spot.

When harpist Trista Hill heard that the “renegade of the harp world,” Deborah Henson-Conant (DHC), was coming to her area for a performance with a local symphony, Hill seized the chance to bring DHC’s dynamic energy and artistic philosophies to her own community in Ohio.

Together, they developed a workshop that would combine DHC's philosopies, lifetime of experience and intimate performance style into a one-of-a-kind experience for artist of all levels: an opportunity to “Experience, Discover and Embody” the artist’s concepts through an intensive and completely unique 4-hour performance-workshop.

The first event was so successful that the two have taken the workshop on the road, in conjunction with DHC's 12-State fall performance tour, and innovative harpists and harp societies along her tour-route are hosting the event.

Says Hill: "This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to basically climb into the mind of a world-renowned creative artist along with a very small group of audience-participants.”

On Tue. Sept. 27, from 7:00 - 9:30pm, the "MatchBox Version" (a shorter, 2.5 hour version of the full 4-Hour seminar) will be held at the Tri-County Performing Arts Center in Pottstown, PA, hosted by radio station WPAZ' "Morning Show" host Betsy Chapman, herself a harpist.

Deborah Henson-Conant is a GRAMMY®-Nominated recording artist, whose music special "Invention and Alchemy" has appeared on PBS stations across the US. She plays an instrument that was invented specifically for her - a kind of "Hyper-Harp" she straps on and plays like an electric guitar. She also teaches, and for the past five years local harpist Trista Hill has travelled to Maine each summer for a week-long performance intensive with DHC - so she knows DHC's work both as a performer and a teacher as few others in the country do.

Collaborator Trista Hill is an unconventional teacher and performer herself. She has a studio of over 30 students in Delaware, OH, is U.S. Representative of the International Jazz Harp Foundation and performs and records as a soloist and with local jazz, folk, pop, and alternative rock bands/musicians.

"When you see a chance to share an essential life experience, you grab it," Hill says of producing the original "Fireworks ..." event. "Deborah has a unique ability to reveal her artistic process at the moment she's creating it. This openeness, combined with guided 'play,' helps the audience-participants discover their own authentic voices. That's liberating, revolutionary, and exhilarating -- and exactly the kind of experience I'm excited to share with my students and other area artists and musicians."

"This creative workshop is open to all levels and all media - music, theater, dance, writing, etc.," Hill and DHC explain, "because an essential part of mastery is the ability to see things anew. That needs to happen at every stage of artistic exploration - and beginners can often provide a fresh perspective and challenge assumptions that have become invisible to 'professionals.' So including all levels in one workshop enriches the experience for everyone"

Read more at the event's website:

Why combine performance and workshop?
A message from the artist:

As artists, we're influenced by art, ideas and our own artistic expression. My goal is to combine these three influencers in one focused creative experience.

I started developingthis idea about five years ago, when I was asked to present at the Boston "Ideas" Conference, similar "TED" events. I requested to appear near the end of the two-day conference, and went to every other presentation. I created a basic structure for my own presentation, leaving myself open to be inspired by all the other presentations. It was one of the most explosive and exciting 20 minutes of my life, and I still get feedback about it.

I came away determined to find ways to combine:

  • Experiencing a master presenting in their own creative format
  • Discovering the ideas that form the foundation of their work
  • Embodying those two things in one's own creative expression

The "Creative Fireworks" event combines three elements in way that permits and supports expressive freedom and new ideas for the audience of artists and musicians.

About the Instrument:
or... How We Made the Racing Bike of the Instrument World

Invented for Henson-Conant by Europe's top harp builder, CAMAC, DHC's instrument is a hybrid of guitar, harp and racing-bike technology, a 32-string, carbon-fibre, fully electric instrument that’s named for her, the “DHC Blue Light.” It was built specifically for Henson-Conant's performances, shows that combine theater, music, movement and stories and that need an instrument that can range convincingly from ethereal ballads to all-out distorted Blues.

About the Artist:

Described as "the Jimi Hendrix of the harp," by electric guitar legend Steve Vai, Deborah Henson-Conant is known for mixing theater and music in styles from Flamenco to Blues. She's opened for Ray Charles at Tanglewood, toured with the Boston Pops, jammed onstage with Bobby McFerrin and offstage with Steven Tyler, premiered her works with ensembles from the National Symphony Orchestra to the Prague Radio Orchestra and starred in two music specials on PBS. She's won grants from the NEA and "Meet the Composer," and a GRAMMY® nomination for crossover classical project "Invention and Alchemy." She’s been interviewed by Scott Simon, Charlie Rose, Studs Terkel, Joan Rivers and featured in stories on NBC, CBS, CNN and NPR and yes, the Food Network.

Press Quotes
"Reshaping the serenely Olympian harp into a jazz instrument by warping it closer to the Blues." New York Times

“ ... dazzling harp playing, gorgeous jazz/pop singing, comic timing and impressive songwriting” Austin American-Statesman

“ Striking flamenco sparks from the strings … wrenching distorted bends worthy of Eddie Van Halen … belting gutbucket blues and crooning lullabies … the intense focus commanded by a master storyteller.” Springfield Union-News

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