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Demo Video 2010 (Sneak Peak):
Solo / Orchestral / One-Woman Shows / Educational Outreach

8-minute video that gives an overview of Deborah's performances fusing music and story. This video is still in development. If you have comments or suggestions, please email us.

One size only

Way You Are Blues (solo)

Upbeat Blues with Distorted Harp Solo
(Solo show performance)

Small: 926 K (dialup)
Medium: 1.9 mb
Large: 56mb (DSL/FIOS/Cable) (Includes spoken intro)


The Wild Harp (with orchestra)

Celtic reel with orchestra
(from the DVD & PBS Special "Invention & Alchemy")

One size only:

Land of You (solo)

Atmospheric Ballad 

Small:1 mb (dialup)
Medium: 2.3 mb (DSL/FIOS/Cable)


Baroque Flamenco (with orchestra)

A troupe of Flamenco dancers discovers that their new guitar is a time machine -- but not until they end up crashng a Minuet Pary in Marie Antoinette's Boudoire.
(from the DVD & PBS Special "Invention & Alchemy")

One size only:

"Invention & Alchemy" Filming Preview

Preview Trailer

Medium: 7mb
Medium-Large: 16mb
Large: 22mb
"Final" (23mb)


"Invention & Alchemy" Trailer


280 x 200 (9 mb)
300 x 225 (16.4 mb)
408 x 290 (22mb)


Short Film - "Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde - Rock!"

Deborah and bass player Tim Archibald in a short film they made together 

.mov file (3 MB)

Benjamin Creighton-Griffiths - "New Blues"

One of Deborah's youngest fans plays her piece "New Blues" 

Benjamin plays
New Blues

 Please note: These are silent slideshows. If you can't hear them it doesn't mean there's a problem.

"Invention & Alchemy" Backstage Slideshow

Slideshow of backstage scenes from the filming of "Invention & Alchemy"


Yahoo "Ask the Planet" Event in Times Square

Scenes from Deborah's performance in a giant blue Brain atop the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square - videocast around the planet by 



"Invention & Alchemy" Filming Slideshow

Slideshow of scenes from the filming of "Invention & Alchemy"

1/17/06 - 1mb



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