E-Blast Problems

Trouble Viewing the DHC Mailing List Monthly E-Blast:
Some people have expressed various concerns that they can't read the monthly E-Blast, or they get a garbled text version or even one with just random links. This can be caused by many different things, and we haven't figured them all out yet, but below is a possible solution.

Let us know if you have an answer or you have had problems with our E-Blasts in the past. Send your thoughts to publicity@hipharp.com -- we always appreciate your help with any problem you come across!

- Some E-Mail Providers (i.e. Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) disallow HTML-created e-mails (HTML is the code we use to create the E-Blasts). Sometimes the solution is as easy as simply clicking something on-screen or going into your e-mail settings and allowing HTML-created e-mails. Sometimes your E-Mail provider may not allow HTML-created messages ever. In that case, let us know at publicity@hipharp.com and we'll try to figure out how to get you all the latest DHC news in a format you can read!

Slideshow Problems

Problems Opening the Slideshow:

If you click a link to a slideshow and nothing happens, you may need to download the QuickTime player and restart your computer.
Download QuickTime for macs here
Download QuickTime for windows here

We'd love to give a step-by-step outline here of how to go about downloading the QuickTime player, but since all of our computers already have QuickTime, it won't allow us to go through the download process. Therefore, we don't know exactly what the steps are! SO, if you figure it out, please email us and we'll post that info right here where you see these very words!

Problems Viewing the Slideshow:
If the slideshow goes by too fast for you to enjoy each photo, follow these steps:
1. Click on the link (or image) to start the slideshow
2. A new window will pop up and begin to play the slideshow
3. Notice "play", "reverse", and "forward" symbols at the bottom of the window
4. Click either "reverse" or "forward" once
5. As soon as you do this, you can manually browse the photos in the slideshow using the "reverse" and "forward" buttons
Click here to go back to the GRS/DVD slideshow page and try it out!