Gurl's Guide to Amplification
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Deborah Henson-Conant's
"Gurl's Guide to Amplification"

A Fun How-To Guide to Amplification for Beginners with a special focus on amplifying harps


"There is so much information in this book, I know this will be a valuable reference for years to come.

You put so much more into it that I ever expected or even imagined possible."

(Julie W - our first fan reviewer)

At right - a hand-colored, signed copy of "Gurl's Guide" - standard copies do not include hand-coloring - but you can feel free to hand-color and sign your own download copy!

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Over 100 pages jam-packed with info, drawings and ... yup, even stories about amplification.


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Gurl's Guide is no longer available in hard-copy.

WHAT IS A "GURL"? The "Gurl" is that part of your brain that sticks fingers in its ears and sings "La-la-la-la!" whenever things get too technical.

It's the part of us - everyone, regardless of gender or age - that says: "OK, I see how you get from Point A to Point B. But ... how do you get to Point A??" The "Gurl's Guide..." is a travel guide to Point A.

The Gurl's Guide explains it in plain language, with lots of Deborah's drawings to show you how a simple sound system fits together, including the basic concepts behind how it all works. It's a great book for anyone just starting out to amplify their instrument - and includes special instructions for harp players.


Dear Deborah,

I read the new /Gurl's Guide to Amplification/ today and was just blown away! I felt like you were speaking to directly to me as I read each page! It's just the level I need but I know my techie husband will thoroughly enjoy it too.

I hadn't planned to read the entire book in one sitting but it was just too funny to put down! Jessica and I were reading it together on the flights home today and literally burst out laughing aloud. I wonder what the other passengers would have thought if they knew we were slapping our thighs while reading a book on harp amplification! The illustrations were just priceless!

There is so much information in this book, I know this will be a valuable reference for years to come. You put so much more into it that I ever expected or even imagined possible. I particularly enjoyed your "lists" and sample "tech rider." I never thought about the level of details that professionals need to go to prepare for their performances. You shared so much of yourself in those details.

Thanks for writing such a great book and sharing your adventures in harp amplifications with the world!


New in the second edition:
  • Over 100 pages packed with information, illustrations & stories of amplification gone bad - and good!
  • Organized better to get you started more quickly!
  • New reference section including Deborah's own checklists, tech riders and stage diagrams!
  • Still with all the plain-speak, humor, and down-to-earth basics of the first edition!

Sample Pages:

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