How To: DHC's Music Widgets

Sharable Music Widgets
Here's how to share them:


You can share widgets on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg & Delicious or embed them right on your own page! Remember -- these all all new toys, so if they don't work perfectly, or if the explanations aren't exact, I hope you can have fun with them anyway! And let me know if you like them, or if you have problems - and we'll keep trying to improve the system so you can share my music with your own friends. (DHC)

1. Click the "share" button on the bottom of the Valentine. You'll then have the choice to share via facebook, myspace, twitter, digg, delicious -- or direct via email.
2. To share via social media, just click the button and it'll connect to your account, and depending on what social media you're in a tiny little player will show up, or a message will show up -- it seems to be slightly different in each site - but Facebook seems to work the most seamlessly.

3. To share via email, it doesn't work quite so elegantly. You can send a message, like at the right, and the friend you share with will get an email telling them to check out the page that contains the musical widget.

Their email will NOT be added to my mailing list. You can choose whether to add your name to my list by checking or unchecking that option just below your addres (see at right).

4. The player will change, and tell you your share was successful:

Here's what happens next:

A few minutes later, your friend will get an email from you with a link to click. That email will look like this (but not so tiny). They'll see your message, then get to click to this page and where they can just listen, or send Valentines themselves!

You can send them as many times as you want!
1. Click the "embed" button on the bottom of the widget.

2. You'll then have the option to Copy the URL of this page, or Copy the Embed code of the player itself to put it on your site.


How come you're giving away Deborah's music in these widgets?

First of all, it's fun to have a gift you can give. Secondly, it's a way for both you and us to share this music with people who would enjoy it. It gives them a chance to hear the music, learn more about the artist, to join the artist's mailing list if they want, to share the music with yet more of their friends.

Hey! The "Learn More" Button just brings me back to the same page!

These widgets are built to be embedded and shared via social media. Most of the time, that's where people will first see the widget, so when they click the "Learn More" or "More Info" it brings them back to the page where the widget lives. If you're on Deborah's mailing list, or if you've found your way to the widget page, then you're already AT the place where you can get more info. Hope that makes sense!

The widget disappeared! What happened!

Many of these widgets are time-sensitive - meaning, they're only available for a short amount of time: a day, a week -- sometimes only an hour! We'll always try to tell you how long they're good for. But once they gone ... they're gone!


More questions?

Email us at and let us know. We'll try to get back to as quickly as we can. In the meantime, have fun experimenting!


So start clicking and enjoy sharing!