The Deborah Henson-Conant & HipHarp.com Guide to:

MySpace.com can be a tricky site to navigate. Visiting MySpace is a lot like visiting a huge High School at lunchtime. So for DHC friends & fans who aren't familiar with the territory, Shara, our former MySpace facilitator, wrote out some tips to help you visit the DHC MySpace page and become a bona fide DHC MySpace Friend. For a disclaimer, click here otherwise, read on!

What you can -- and can't -- do at MySpace:
Anyone can visit Deborah's MySpace page and poke around, but only designated "Friends" can have access to all the features, leave comments, send messages and receive announcements and invitations.

Find DHC's MySpace Page:

Find other MySpace pages:
Go to www.MySpace.com > Click: Search > Look for the "Find a Friend" box, enter someone's name (or their MySpace Display Name, if you know it) and choose whether you want to search by Name, Display Name or Email Address, then click "Find"

Signing up for a MySpace Account 101:

1. Go to www.MySpace.com

2. In the “Member Login” box, click the orange “SIGN UP!” link Can't find it? Read about Log-in Problems.

3. You’ll come to a form that will ask you for the following info:
     a. Email address
     b. First name
     c. Last name
     d. Password
     e. (Confirm password)
     f.  Country
     g. Postal code
     h. Gender
     i. Date of birth
     j. Preferred language
You’ll also need to check a box to agree to MySpace terms or service and privacy policy and verify a series of given letters by retyping them. Caps matter!

We think you can make up any information you want and we don't know whether putting in your main email address leads to more spam or not (so we used an alternate address just in case).

4. Upload photo form – In the “Upload Photo” box, click “Browse…” to search your computer files for the image you want to appear on your MySpace page. When you have chosen the image, click “Upload.” OR click the “Skip for now” link below that box if you don’t want to post your photo yet. (You can use any photo or image you want. It's helpful if it represents you in some way, but it doesn't have to be a literal represenation)

5. Invite your friends page – enter your friends’ email addresses to invite them to join MySpace, or click the “Skip for now” link at bottom.

6. Then you’ll come to your own personal MySpace “homepage”. Click on the red box under your photo space that says: “Pick MySpace Name/Url." There you choose your url name, or web address, where people will go to see your MySpace page. For example, DHC’s MySpace url is: www.MySpace.com/DeborahHensonConant.

7. Enter the URL you want in the two spaces provided. If that URL is already taken, MySpace will ask you to choose another one.

8. Enter your real name (so that your friends can search for you). Click submit.

9. Click “Home”
Note: Tom is automatically your “friend” and you’ll have a message from him when you first log in. Tom is the figurehead for MySpace and there’s lots of good info on his page about setting up your MySpace.

Simple steps to making DHC your MySpace friend:

1. Click the “Search” link at the top of your homepage.

2. In the “Find a Friend” box, enter “Deborah Henson-Conant.” Click find. A link to DHC’s page (and an image of her) will appear. Click on her name or the “view profile” link.

3. You’re now on DHC’s MySpace page. To become DHC’s MySpace friend so that you have full access to all of the photos, blogs, and other content on her page, click the “Add to friends” link in the top left part of the page.

4. Confirm friend – MySpace will ask you if you want to confirm DHC as a friend. Click “Add to friends.”

5. A message will come to us telling us you want to add DHC as a friend and we’ll approve it! And voila - you’re DHC’s MySpace friend!

Log-In Problems with some Browsers
If you have an "out-of-date" internet browser (like many fine people do), you may not be able to see the log-in box on www.MySpace.com. Before you give up, scroll around a bit. On some of our old browsers we found the log-in box waaaay over on the right of the screen, totally hidden to the normal viewing area. Think of it as a secret trap-door. (OK, I read this, let's go back to Sign-in Procedures)

If you don't want to search for the log-in box, you can try using another browser (for example, if you’re using internet explorer, try safari or netscape). If all else fails, download the updated version of your internet browser. Deborah says that while that may sound scary to non-tech types, updating your browser is not really that bad. Not like trying to update some other things she could mention (but won't).

Please understand this is probably not a comprehensive overview. We made it because Deborah was having problems navigating MySpace and didn't want her fans to get as frustrated as she did. On the one hand, anyone under 22 can probably navigate MySpace without even thinking. On the other hand, Deborah has an extremely broad fan-base and we can't assume that every one of her fans is computer-savvy ... or has a 15-year-old in their house they can bribe to help them figure out MySpace, like she did.

We've created this page so that links open up in separate windows. Theoretically that means you can have both this page open and the MySpace page open. That should allow you to check back here for directions without losing your place at MySpace. That's the plan, anyway.

For real internet newcomers, that means the new page will open right on top of this page, so you'll have to move it over (and maybe make it smaller) in order to see both pages at once.

(OK, thanks, Send me back to the top of the page, please).

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