You can find a listing of all of Deborah's commercially available sheet music at the HipHarp Catalog.
Several other pieces are also included in the "Workshop Handouts" listed below.
Lead Sheets for Deborah's tunes are not currently commercially available. What does that mean? Right now we don't sell them. At some time in the future, it's possible we will ... so check back or keep bugging us via email every 6 months or so, and eventually it will happen.
Are currently not available for sale. Please see our orchestra program F.A.Q. for more information.
BAROQUE FLAMENCO Workshop Materials
These popular workshop materials are NOT listed in the Mail Order catalogue but may be the best materials for learning to play this piece -- and for learning to play WITH it! Though there materials were designed specifically for use in Deborah's workshop about "Baroque Flamenco", this booklet includes Deborah's advice on how to use the materials if you're NOT taking the workshop! Email for information on cost and availability.
BAROQUE FLAMENCO Orchestra Study Score
This study score is NOT listed in the Mail Order catalogue but may be ordered on special request for $20.00 a piece plus $4.50 shipping.

This collection of handouts from Deborah's 1996 Paris Conservatory workshop are also available on special request. They contain a variety of basic information, including a Jazz Lexicon, an introduction to the "Swing Feel," Introduction to the Blues, notes on Arrangement, Chord Spelling, Modulation and "Vamps," and simplified versions of Deborah's tunes: Season of the Night Baroque Flamenco and Beck's Blues. Much of the material is suitable for the non-pedal harp. WORKSHOP HANDOUTS ARE NOT COMPREHENSIVE (they are not teach-yourself booklets), but they do contain over a hundred pages of great stuff to do on the harp! Cost is $35.00 plus $4.50 shipping. They are NOT in our catalogue, but you can ask for them specifically.