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What if you could Play YOUR Passions!

How can some musicians truly express themselves on their instruments?
How do they make it their own? How can they improvise on it?
How can they change the style - to make it more dramatic - or more gentle?
Are they just more 'creative' than others ...
or do they have skills that anyone could learn?

Join me on this repertoire-building adventure!
Baroque Flamenco is part of the Year-Long Hip Harp Academy

When you join Hip Harp Academy you get "Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page" along with all the other Academy programs. Learn more about joining Hip Harp Academy here.

Did you ever long to play one piece of music that you KNEW would bring the house down. Maybe you heard someone else play, and felt your passion ignite. What if YOU could play that?

Did you stop yourself because you figured it was too hard? Were you afraid you'd do it wrong? Or did you buy the music – and then just never got around to it. Or you tried but when you opened it, it just looked too complicated?

What if someone broke it all down for you?

Even though the published sheet music has 3 arrangements – for players from Advanced Beginner to Professional – for both lever and pedal harps – many people are hesitant to learn it on their own – and many times their teachers don't feel ready to teach it.

That's why I break it all down in the course. So you can learn it. You can play it. And you can learn to teach it.

And you can do it with the help of the composer of the piece, Deborah Henson-Conant (Hey, that's ME!)

“Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page” is a 5-Week online course I created especially for YOU, the empassioned harp player.

In the course - which you can take at your own pace - I show you my own secrets of how to play this fiery harp showpiece at your skill level on your harp, whether it's a lever harp or a pedal harp, 47 strings or 21 strings.

You'll learn to EXPAND it if you're an advanced player and SIMPLIFY it if you're still a fledgling player.

You'll learn to make the dramatic Flamenco cadenza SIZZLE, and how to end the piece with so much inner fire that you COMPEL your audience to jump up and shout!

You'll even learn to RESTYLE the pieceto play it as a meditative or bedside piece!

I love your ideas about imperfect completion.

My sheet music has always been my safety net, and I couldn't imagine myself to perform anything by memory.

But when I worked with Baroque Flamenco and you broke it all down into small pieces, it all felt so simple.
It was so useful with your advice about improvising, what to do if I got lost, how to remember everything etc. I felt so safe.

Thank you so much for making me do something that I thought was impossible." Annette Sollie Hagen (Norway)


Here's how it works:

You get 10 video coaching lessons, warmups and weekly online chats so you can ask questions to help YOU play this piece the way YOU want - plus a step-by-step walkthrough of every note of the piece!

I also break it down for you. Because I composed it, I can also DEcompose it for you -- so you know how the piece works - so you can create your own version, one that's perfect for YOUR skill level so YOU can shine and share YOUR passion, or restyle it to play for gentler situations like bedside.

You get access to all three levels of the piece: Adv. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced - so you can pick and choose the parts of the piece that work best for YOU.

You get to connect to other harp players all around the worldall learning this piece just like you – all supportive, all eager to learn - and you get PLENTY OF TIME TO REVIEW because you get to download all the PDFs and MP3s to create your own study binder – plus six months to review the classroom even after the course is over so that, once you have the basics, you can review the online videos much as you want, at your own pace.

Best of all, you get to work directly with the COMPOSER of the piece - how often do you get to ask a Grammy-Nominated composer for advice on how YOU can play HER piece?



WHO is this FOR?


I find it very inspiring that you too make mistakes - I now see them as your improvisational moments"

Anna Dunwoodie (New Zealand)



'Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page' is for YOU if ...

'Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page' is for anyone who plays the HARP (pedal or lever) at any level and who wants to enhance their REPERTOIRE with one of the most impressive, fun and flexible pieces in the repertoire. You'll learn to play it as a fiery showpiece, as a gentle meditative piece - and you'll learn to improvise on it!

Sign up for this course IF ...

  • You want a fun, impressive showpiece you can pull out and easily play by memory, no matter what level you play at.
  • You want a beautiful piece you can restyle for hospice or therapy situations, and can expand or simplify as needed.
  • You want to get more comfortable playing with rhythm
  • You want to learn some of the most fun strumming techniques on harp
  • You want to learn how to create an introduction that's impressive to your listeners AND a relaxing mini-warmup for YOU! (That's one of the introductions we use for the piece) 
  • You want a way to express YOUR passion on your instrument at YOUR level
  • You want to know how to take ideas from this piece and apply them to other pieces in your repertoire

"My teacher was really enthusiastic and encouraged me to take Baroque Flamenco Bootcamp.

I hadn’t played the piece before the course, but had played and loved "New Blues" so couldn’t wait to start Baroque Flamenco … I would never have dreamed of posting a video before embarking on the Baroque Flamenco journey!

Moreover, I try to concentrate on the positives; begin to love imperfection and spontaneity. I have begun to improvise on the harp – even in public!"Ruth Lee (UK)

[Ruth was featured in the "MY Baroque Flamenco" Blog Series after taking the course]


"Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page"
is NOT for you if ...

  • You need to learn to play something absolutely perfectly before you're willing to share it with others.
  • You won't be satisfied unless you're playing exactly what's on the page.
  • You want to sound 'like somebody else' - there are teachers who can show you how to do that - but I'm not one of them! My own forte is coaching you to find your creative voice
  • You want to learn perfect classical harp technique. That's a wonderful goal, but it's not what this class is about. It's about learning to have fun, to adapt the music to YOUR skill level and express yourself with one of my most popular compositions.


“DHC is utterly inspiring. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Catch the bug. It’s wonderful.”

Lu McClintock, Scotland



Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page is now housed within the Hip Harp Academy Membership Site.

>> Visit Hip Harp Academy Now <<

Join me for 5-weeks of a musical adventure that will leave your hands strumming with a new piece - a piece you will know how to 'restyle' whenever you want - so you can play a dramatic version to express your passion and a gentle version when you need to dial down the heat.

Best of all, you get to work with the composer of this famous harp solo - that's me!
I've been developing this piece for decades. I had no idea how popular it would become, and how many harpists around the world would express themSELVES with their personal interpretations of the piece.
Now YOU'LL be the one playing it!



Mini-Course "Season of the Night BEYOND the Page." This beautiful little Bossa-Nova is the perfect companion piece to "Baroque Flamenco." You can even put them together to create a mini-suite. "Season of the Night" is playable on lever or pedal harp.

AN EXCLUSIVE "Performance Mindset" downloadable audio treatment created by master coach Sara Arey of RefutureYourLife.com. Sara works with top-level creatives and entrepreneurs on mindset and energy work -- and she created this treatment specifically for "Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page" to help dissolve your anxieties about learning, performing and perfection - so you can just sit down and play your passion!

>> Visit Hip Harp Academy to Register Now <<

When you register for the FULL access year-long program, you’ll get access to all my online courses for harp players - including "Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page."

Join me for this foundational course - including online trainings, Live online Q&A chats, and post-course review-at-your-own-pace access for as long as you're a member of the Academy.

>> Visit Hip Harp Academy Now <<

All Academy classes are available yearlong for "At-Your-Own-Pace" learning -- PLUS I personally lead each class once-a-year on a yearly schedule. That means you can join the current "live" class OR take any of the classes at your own pace OR both!


I took this course last Fall and I was astounded that I could play something without sheet music covering my face.

I learned the little phrases one by oneand then I started putting them together.  stand!

Finally I figured out how to simplify the piece and play it in a whole different mode for hospice patients.  

This course is DEFINITELY worth stretching yourself into the unknown..." Margi Miller (USA)


About the creator of this program, Deborah Henson-Conant:


Hi, I'm Deborah Henson-Conant, and I've been composing, arranging and creating shows since I was a kid. I now play shows with symphonies and on solo stages with the electric harp that was created for me by CAMAC Harps, the "DHC Light" - and I'm proud to say that I received a Grammy Nomination for my original jazz-infused music with electric harp and orchestra.

I had a few harp lessons when I was a kid, then dropped the harp for 10 years. When I got to college, the concert band needed a harpist – so, since I knew how to tune a harp – I got the job.

I was 22 at the time, and needed money to pay for school ... and for the used harp I bought. I bought a bunch of long dresses and costume jewelry in a thrift-store, dolled myself up and got a job subbing as background harpist in a fancy hotel restaurant in San Francisco.

But I only knew how to play four pieces. And I had to figure out how to make as much from those pieces as I could.

One of them was a beautiful little minuet by Jean Jaques Rousseau from my beginners "Medieval to Modern" book. I LOVED that piece – so I started improvising on it.

And I kept improvising on it!

For 30 years I improvised on that piece. And it grew, and changed ... and eventually became the fiery showstopper that won me that Grammy Nomination! It became "Baroque Flamenco."

Soon after that, I published the piece for solo harp in three versions: Advanced Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced – and harpists all over the world started performing it. But as people started coming to me for one-on-one coaching on the piece, I realized that notes-on-the-page couldn't begin to convey what the piece is actually about – which is musical freedom of expression.

I also realized that each person really needed to be able to adapt the piece to their own abilities in order to play it fluently.

I wrote "Baroque Flamenco" as a showcase piece ...

... a showcase for the passion, power and beauty of our amazing instrument.

And yes, everyone has passion – but some of us have learned in ways that squelch our passion – for fear of making mistakes, for fear of standing out, for fear of looking stupid.

Well, mistakes are one of the first things I encourage you to do – and I try to leave many of my own mistakes in the training videos so you can experience just how "OK" they are!

It took me years to write Baroque Flamenco... but now I want to teach it to you in a 5-Week online course!

Will you be performance-ready at the end of the course?   If you do the work, you will definitely have a performable version of the piece at your level of playing by the end of the course.

And that's just the beginning! I've been developing my version of the piece for decades - and I'll keep developing it as long as I play it. That's what I'll teach you to do as well -- so that the piece can keep growing as you grow as a musician.

If you get stuck, that why we have Q&A sessions! So I can help you go BEYOND - beyond the page, beyond your limitations - and beyond what you believed was possible for you.

Thus was "Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page" born.

In this course I walk you through the piece, show you how to play what's on the written page – and more importantly, how to adapt it to your own technical ability. I show less-advanced players how to simplify it, and more-advanced players how to really make the advanced techniques sizzle. And I show musicians of every level how to bring out the passion and character that makes the piece such a show-stopper and a satisfying piece to play.

I only give this course once a year so ...

Join me now to discover YOUR Baroque Flamenco!



Each training is split into three playing levels:

Each training is split into three levels: Advanced Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. You can focus on one level OR you can shift from level to level, watching all the videos – and choose the parts of each level that work for YOUl

“I absolutely love the way you have crafted a method to allow unique talents to shine on an individual level!"

Karla Williams (Maryland, USA)


I break the piece into sections and you
learn each part step by step:

Baroque Flamenco Performance 1

Draw the audience into the story by creating a captivating flamenco introduction that really works for you – every time!

Baroque Flamenco Performance 1

I used the theme from Jean Jacques Rousseau’s lovely “Minuet in A Minor” as the Baroque theme for this piece.

Baroque Flamenco Performance 1

Each of the variations becomes more intricate – but there’s a secret to how they’re constructed and a trick to simplifying them – or improvising on them!

Baroque Flamenco Performance 1

Here’s where the fireworks really start. Each lesson you’ll learn part of the cadenza, how to interpret it,  phrase it and really make the special effects work!

Baroque Flamenco Performance 1

The coda’s one of the most exciting parts of the piece – and also one of the simplest ... if you know the secret behind it. I’ll show you how to get the whole audience to jump up into a spontaneous standing ovation by the way you play the last few notes!

Here's what one page of the classroom looks like:

Once your register, you get into the online classroom, which is like a real school with a resource library, warmup area, and rooms for different level players -- except in this school you can shift from room to room as much as you like - and many students like to mix and match from all three levels of the training. And the playground in this school? It's your harp!

Here's what a single page of the classroom might look like:



I've never worked with a teacher who so inspired me to try stuff I feel scared of.

I feel so encouraged in this course and have learned so much.

The gift you give is the assumption that it doesn't have to be so hard or so perfect to get joy out of it and share it with others.” 

Pauline Vaughan (Canada)


By the end of the course you will be able to play your own version of "Baroque Flamenco" at whatever level your playing is.




√ 10 training modules, each geared to your own playing level, that you can watch at your own pace

A set of warmups designed specifically for this piece to help you prepare for each part of the piece

A set of 4 Video Playthroughs for review & reference when you want to just see and hear what the written music actually sounds like

An Appendix of training videos specifically to learn the percussive and strumming techniques I use in the piece

A BONUS "Mindset" audio performance instigator created especially for this course by master energy and mindset coach Sara Arey, founder and creator of "Refuture Your Life." Sara works with high-level coaching clients to help them shift through creative blocks - and she created this audio just for Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page. This audio helps you just sit down and play!

√ Five Live Online Q&A sessions where I'll answer all your questions and play examples if you need them. You can decide whether to attend live or download and listen later. Best of all – you can submit questions when YOU have them by using the "Ask a Question" form! Then I either answer you direct via email, or add your question to the chat – or both!

√ Worksheets and Lesson Overviews to keep you organized and on track

√ A private Facebook group where you can connect with each other, share questions, resources, "Aha's" and "Ta-das!"

"Your course was quite simply the best harping experience I have ever had.

You teach skills that are not just visual, but kinesthetic and aural - and you've managed to do it in a fun, engaging, and not-overwhelming way – masterful, to be sure!

THANK YOU for providing training and guidance to help me reach my goals and objectives for my new life with music."

Kevin Roddy (Hawaii, USA)

Got more questions?

Email your questions and I'll try to get back to you ASAP with an answer!


“I have to tell you that the sense of empowerment I have now is really incredible.

I've spent so much time knowing, feeling, that there was something more inside me, and to finally have someone understand that I wanted to get at whatever "it" was and know HOW to do it was just the most incredible, empowering thing."

Jennifer Keller (USA)



“This course has been absolutely wonderful!

The content is well planned, not overwhelming and very rich! ... You have given structure to my noodling (along with accountability.) ...AND finger independence (and also hands moving as one)...

Plus not having a teacher for about three years now, I neeeeeddddd the structure/accountability, but not in it's classical form.”

Stephanie Evans




Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page is now housed within the Hip Harp Academy Membership Site.

When you register for the FULL access year-long program, you’ll get access to all my online courses for harp players - including "Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page."

2016-2017 is the debut year for Hip Harp Academy, so depending on when you read this, you may be able to go through the whole program at your own pace, or join the next live guided session of each course as it's scheduled.

Join me for this foundational course - including online trainings, Live online Q&A chats, and post-course review-at-your-own-pace access for as long as you're a member of the Academy.

>> Visit Hip Harp Academy Now <<

All Academy classes are available yearlong for "At-Your-Own-Pace" learning -- PLUS I personally lead each class once-a-year on a yearly schedule. That means you can join the current "live" class OR take any of the classes at your own pace OR both!


Here's why "Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page" ROCKS!!!


THIS IS THE PIECE EVERYONE LOVES TO PLAY! This piece gets such a great response with audiences that harpists simply love to play it. No matter what version of the piece you play - Advanced Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, it's just soooo much fun to hear how excited people get when they hear it!
#2 IT'S SO GREAT TO HAVE A GRAND FINALE PIECE! Whenever you play for people, it's so great to have one piece that you just KNOW everyone is going to love, one piece that you can save 'til last, and you KNOW people are going to ooooh and aaaah about!

#3 YOU GET YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED ONE-OF-A-KIND VERSION OF THE PIECE! Yes!!! Your version will be different from everyone else's - because we go BEYOND the page in this course!!! Because you get access to all the versions of the piece, and you get to see and hear them as much as you want, you get to pick and choose the parts of each that you want in YOUR version. Plus you'll learn additional techniques and ideas in the course that aren't even ON the page! That means that YOUR version will be different than everyone else's!
#4 IT SOOOOO MUCH FUN! Did I mention It's really, really FUN! This piece is just amazingly FUN to play, and it's amazingly fun to see how people respond to it!
#5 "BAROQUE FLAMENCO" MAKES YOU STRONGER: Baroque Flamenco makes you stronger as a classical player because of the beautiful classical melody that inspired it. It makes you stronger rhythmically because of the Flamenco sections and the strumming rhythms you learn. It makes you stronger as a player because you express two deeply contrasting sides of your persona: the genteel classical side - and the passionate Flamenco side.
#6 YOU PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS! My goal is to have you PLAYING this piece, not struggling with it! To do that you'll get off the page and play to your strengths. And when you're playing to your strengths, you feel stronger and stronger!
#7 YOU CAN PLAY IT WITH FRIENDS!! Yup! I teach you how to play the piece solo - but I also tell you how you can go BEYOND the page and play it with friends - musicians like bass players or flute players - or other harp players!
#8 YOU CAN TAKE IT ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!Advanced-level players can sign up for the "PRO" version of the course and get training in preparing the piece for auditions, for Chamber Ensemble performances and for performing with Symphony.
#9 YOU CONNECT TO NEW FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD! Students come to my online school from all around the world, and they all get to interact in the classroom and in the private Facebook page. What does that mean? That means that you have harp friends from all around the world - harp players like you, of all levels and ages - who have all learned this piece together!
#10 YOU'LL LEARN TO PLAY THIS PIECE IN REPONSIVE HARP SITUATIONS- One of the things you'll learn is how to STYLE the piece differently. This is actually really easy, and really fun - and this piece is perfect for restyling. You'll learn to slow it down, open it up and create a truly responsive, meditative piece. And guess what? When you play it in this way, it actually strengthens your ability to play it as a dramatic piece as well!
#11 WE DO IT TOGETHER!! Yes! I'm with you through the whole class! Sure, you could read the sheet music. You could take the course on your own ... but I'M THERE WITH YOU! That means I'm there to answer questions, to make suggestions, to show you new things that I may have never thought of before (Yes! It's true - often the questions people ask me in my classes lead to completely new ideas!) - and I'm there to help you discover YOUR version of the piece, to help you simplify or embellish so you can truly express yourSELF with this music!

“This was the single most important musical course I have ever done in years of learning harp, and I would recommend it to anyone at any musical level.

To begin with, the course was absolutely jam-packed with incredible information, from beginning to end.

Even more incredibly, I could see right away in week 1 that my fears about my harping level were unnecessary; my level simply didn’t matter. 

Deborah’s information is carefully structured so that anyone at any level can work with the concepts ... and the concepts I learned have become integral to my harping experience, like a kind of ‘harping code’."

I had been searching for this information for years, going from teacher to teacher, but with this one course, Deborah gave me all the tools I needed for arranging music. 

Blythe Tait (Australia)






A. You don't need any special software or hardware. You can take the course on your computer or ipad – and of course, your harp!

Studying the modules is just like going to a web page on your computer, downloading a PDF or watching a video on YouTube - except it's all organized into a classroom where you can mark your place and come back to where you left off the day before.

You can also download MP3 lesson files and PDFs onto your computer – and print out the PDFs to put in a binder if you want.

Even people who consider themselves completely non-tech-savvy are able to access and enjoy the course. Some people even say that one of the big benefits of the course is getting more comfortable with online tech formats!

All the materials is provided in three formats: video, audio and PDF handout so whatever way YOU learn, you'll have what you need.

Here's what you get:

  • Training videos you watch online
  • Audio downloads of the trainings that you listen to on your ipod or computer
  • A PDF overview of each training as a reference for any notes you take yourself
  • Bonus PDF Worksheets to help you organize and focus your learning and practice
  • Homework assignments (optional) for people who work best with specific accountability - these help you put the training directly into practice.

You also get weekly Q&A sessions with me - the composer! - so you can get help in any area of the class you're having trouble, or learn about how to adapt or expand the piece for your specific interest.

Our special video Q&A lets you see me, so I can show examples, and lets you ask questions that I'll answer right there on the spot.

And if you can't make it to the Q&A, it's recorded so you can watch or listen to it later.

So even if your tech-savvy only goes so far as knowing how to link to a Webpage, watch YouTube and download a file, you'll be able to get all the class information.

The truth is, there's always a bit of a learning curve unless you've taken online courses before -- and online chats and masterclasses will never be as high-fidelity as being there live -- but many people have actually told me that my online courses have given them the added benefit of learning to navigate the web in new and empowering ways -- and that makes me very happy!


A. This is an online course, so you can access the learning modules any time and work on them at your own pace (yes! Even in your pyjamas in the middle of the night!). When you have questions you can ask them in the weekly Q&A -- which is the one pre-scheduled aspect of the course BUT if you can't make the chat, you can submit your questions beforehand, and you'll be able to watch the replay later on. In fact, you'll be able to download an MP3 of each chat to listen on you your MP3 player if you prefer. Some students also ask question on the Private Class Facebook group if they can't wait for the chat, and when possible, I answer those as quickly as I can.


A. You won't be graded on the course, but I do suggest challenges and homework to help you integrate what you're learning. In fact, it's possible to take the course on "air-harp" and just learn the basic concepts – but you'll have a lot more fun if you set aside at least 4 hours the first week, and then 2 or 3 hours each subsequent week. And, of course, the more time you put in, the more you get out - so you can create the balance that works best for you.


A. Yes ... and no. I generally choose about 5 of the homework videos to share my feedback with the class since people say they learn so much by watching the feedback. You can always opt-out of having feedback, and you can optimize your chances for getting feedback but posting homework each week and by asking questions that will help me see exactly what you need coaching with.


YES! There's a payment plan that lets you split the payment, depending on when you sign up for HIp Harp Academy. If you have more questions about it, use the "Ask a a Question" link below to ask.


A. Absolutely! The course is usually split about half-and-half lever and pedal harp players. And not only is it playable on lever harp, but I got so inspired during the first two years of the course, that I figured out how to play the "Advanced" cadenza on the lever harp – something I actually thought was impossible before I took ... er, I mean created ... the course!


Nope! You get to download the sheet music for the whole piece – all three levels (Adv. Beg., Intermediate & Advanced) – plus all the warmup exercises, PDFs and MP3 I created for the course. Most people print it all out and put it in a binder, but some download it to their iPads and do the entire course from the iPad.

You also get my famous "Baroque Flamenco" Blueprint that shows you the form of the piece, as a PICTURE you can read without even a note of music. AND you get updates to the sheet music that haven’t even been added to the published version yet – so you become an insider!

So you don't have to provide anything except an open mind, willing hands and a reasonably in-tune harp!


A. That's pretty much up to you. You could spend as little as 20-30 minutes a week if you only wanted to download and read through the PDF – and you can get tons of great ideas that way. Some people who are busy like to do that, and then watch a couple videos and come to the online chats (or watch them later). That's one way to take the course 'just for fun' – and that's perfectly fine.

People who want to 'get the most bang for their buck' can spend as much as an hour or more a day, watching the videos, downloading the materials and then putting it all into practice on their instruments, and then submitting homework for feedback.

Most people fall between those two extremes – and it's totally fine how YOU want to use the course and how it fits into YOUR life right now. That's also why you get access to the course website for at least 6 months after the course ends – so you can go back and review. And that's why I added the "auditor" option for people who know they'll just get stressed trying to submit homework.

The absolutely most important thing you can do each week is to find one simple concept from the lesson and put it directly into your playing at any level.

If you do that ONE thing each week you'll get more out of the course than reading and watching everything but not putting it into practice. So if you don't have much time one week, you can skim the lesson, find your 'nugget' for the week, put it into practice and feel great that you're getting something that will change your playing.

And you don't have to do it all at once! I break up each lesson into a bunch of mini-sections so you don't have to do that all at one time. One very cool thing about this course website is that you can 'check off' each activity as you do it (an 'activity' is a video or a page, or a discussion) so that when you go back, you can see exactly where you left off. So it's easy to "log in" once or twice a day for 10-15 minutes and go through one or two 'activities' each time.

A lot of people take the course more than once because there's a lot of content – remember I developed the piece over time myself – and played much simpler versions at first. Then I kept adding and embellishing. You can do the same. You simply won't get ‘everything’ the first time through! That's part of the fun. You take what you need so that you can play a version of the piece right now - and then you continue to expand, finesse and embellish as much as you want. I, personally, have been expanding the piece now for over 30 years and having more and more fun with it the more I do.


A. Part of what I'll teach you is how to SIMPLIFY the piece. You learn your first, simplified version in the first week, so even if you didn't go beyond the first week's lessons - you'd be able to play a simple version of the piece. From there we expand and embellish, but you can always go back to the basic, simplified version. And you get two BONUS REVIEW WEEKS at the end so we can go back over everything and you can ask questions.

And remember: people will take different things from the program. Sometimes I get one ‘elegant idea’ from an online program that gives me all the knowledge and power I need to shift to the next creative level – and that's what's really important.

Sometimes I need to practice an hour a day and really engage online in order to feel I've gotten what I need from the course.

So I wanted to structure this program so that regardless of how you like to learn and play, you'll be able to get what you need from it.


No. You can learn it from scratch, or, if you DO already play it – you can take the course to hone or embellish your your performance.  Obviously, your results will be different depending on whether you're learning it for the first time, or honing what you know – but even if you're learning for the first time, you'll be able to go back and review the course videos for 6 months after the course is over – and the course includes a full warm-up module with exercises you can use to learn or hone specific sections of the piece.


No, it's not skype lessons. It definitely feels like it's one-on-one because of the videos I create for the course, but you can take it on your own time. That means you can watch five minutes, then come back later and watch another 5 minutes. You can practice in between, or just go about your day, fitting in the lesson in to whatever time you have, whether it's 5 minute block of time or a 2-hour block of time.


It’s a 5-week online course, with a virtual classroom, step-by-step video training, Q&A Sessions and a virtual community of harpists from all over the world who will support and encourage you as you learn.
Here's how it works:

As soon as you register, you get access to the students-only ONLINE CLASSROOM where you can immediately start working on the warmups I provide and watch videos playthrough of every technique in the piece.

If you sign up early you get a head-start on all the warmup exercises, and you get to join the private Facebook group to start interacting with me and the other students right away.

Once the course begins, the individual modules open one by one and where you have access to all the resource modules including a step-by-step video playthrough of every technique in the piece, and downloads to the newest unreleased edits I make in the piece including simplifications and embellishments of the sheet music. 

The first week moves very fast, because I release 4 modules, so you get the basics very quickly. After that I release 2 or 3 lessons each week so you have plenty of time to practice and catch-up in between.
If you have questions that aren't answered by the trainings, you send them via the "Ask a Question" form and I either answer them immediately, or I add them to the list of questions I'll answer live online in the weekly online chats.


As the composer of the piece, I know how it's BUILT. I composed it – and I can DE-compose it – and help you reinvent it to express YOUR passion.

Look, it’s hard to express passion – or joy, or gentleness, or anything – when you’re struggling with the notes! That’s why, when I published “Baroque Flamenco” I created three different arrangements: Adv. Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

But the truth is that each person has their own level - their own skills and their own reasons for playing a piece. That’s why I take you beyond the page to make this piece your own, by adapting it to your own level and skills. I also want to help you see that the piece is powerful, fun and effective at any level and without having to play it 'perfectly' or get every single note 'right.'

It's all about getting a version of the piece in your fingers that you can actually play right now – whether you've studied the piece before or not – so that you can start playing it and having fun with it!  Then, if you want, you can go back to the lessons and add as many finesses as you want – because you'll have at least 6 months extra access to all the lessons and videos, even after the course is over.

In 2016 I’m presenting the course in a new way. I’ll open several modules at a time each week so you can truly go at your own pace, race ahead if you’re really inspired, and go back and review as much as you want. I build in catch-up days as the course progresses – and at the end of the first 3 weeks you'll have a version of the piece under your fingers if you're learning it for the first time – and you'll have it much more honed, if you've already learned the notes.

After that we have two more weeks to review, ask questions and truly make the piece your own, so that once the course is over, you walk away truly playing your own version of “Baroque Flamenco.”
If you want even more input, you can sign up for VIP coaching and get my personalized feedback on your performance.


No. You can take the course at any level from Advanced Beginner to Professional.The sheet music is presented in three different levels:
A. Advanced Beginner
B. Intermediate
C. Advanced / Professional

Each lesson is split into 3 parts – one for each level – so you only need to take the part that relates to your level of playing.  Teachers, of course, will be interested to go through all three levels if they'll be teaching the piece to their students.  And many people take different sections from different levels to create their own customized, personalized version of the piece.


Yes! If you’re preparing a public performance of the piece on solo harp, or with Chamber Ensemble or symphony, email me for information about the “PRO” version of the course. The PRO version includes additional resources – like a piano reduction of the orchestra score so you can rehearse, audition or even perform with piano accompaniment – and 2 additional weeks personalized coaching and feedback after the basic program is over.


All my online programs (and even my offline programs!) are multi-level and for both lever and pedal harp and it works -- because I always start by teaching the underlying concept of what we're doing.
I believe that it is possible to play convincingly and musically at any technical level so long as you truly click in with the level you’re at.

As a composer I’m aware that every musical concept can be expressed in infinite ways, at infinite levels of ability - and part of the fun of each course is your collaboration with me in finding the ways to play them that you can play right now.

There is no limit to how much you can simplify or expand a musical concept.

For each part of the piece that I show you, I'll always include a distilled/fundamental/simple version of it and ways to embellish and expand it. And if it's either not simple enough ... or not complex enough for you, then you can ask for a simpification or an embellishment -- and that's part of what I'll do in the live Q&A sessions and part of what creates such a vibrant sense of involvement and 'live-ness' in the classes.


"Baroque Flamenco" is being played by both amateurs and professionals more and more – both as a solo piece, and with Chamber Ensemble or orchestra. It was a featured work at the World Harp Congress in 2014 – including a masterclass that was by audition only.

I originally created the course to help applicants for the Masterclass prepare their audition materials. Then I realized it would be more useful if I taught the whole piece, on all three levels – so everyone can get the benefit of the course – whether they're learning the piece for the first time or they're advanced players planning to perform it with symphony orchestra.

After the first year, students started asking me if there was a way to play the piece in hospice and therapeutic situations, so I created additional material to show students how to adapt the piece for any situation, including these gentle responsive ones.

After the 2nd year, students asked me if I could find a way to adapt the professional-level version for lever harp – so I’ve added that to the course as well.


Use the "Ask a Question" form.