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Your muse is WILD and POWERFUL.
But how do you turn your DREAMS into REALITY??

I'll show you how.

There's a creative project aching in your soul.
In the next 12 months you'll complete it
and share it with your world.
I'll walk you step-by-step through this journey.

Welcome to
Harness Your Muse

Apply Now

Now Accepting Applications for
Harness Your Muse
Starting April 2017

Applications are accepted quarterly. Once you're accepted and have completed the onramp training, you'll get to join the other impassioned musicians in the program who are changing their lives, building their dreams and sharing their unique creative voices in ways they've never done before.

Many people feel that simply going through the application process helps them clarify their creative ideas, so I encourage you to fill out the application if you'd like to get that kind of clarity.


"Thank you for empowering me to create this concert that reflects the music I truly love to play and encompasses my life journey so far – seriously, it's the best experience with the harp I have ever had!

Shelley Fairplay, (
Creator and Performer of “The Three Strands" and creator of "Dyanmic Harps" and "Harpist for a Day" Program

"You gave me what I always missed in my full academic learning experience even though I had really great teachers who tought me A LOT then: a guide to a more personal way of expression with our harp, a key to freedom."

Valèrie Huart, harpist (France)


The Journey Begins

Are you ready to transform from being “A” something to being “THE” quintessential you?

Ready to release the definitions others give of what you can and can’t be? 

Ready to define yourself in ways you don’t even have words for yet?

Ready to embrace the emotional and physical work of revealing your true creative voice, your unique genius ... and ready for the methodical work of building the infrastructure and habits that support that genius?

Then you are ready to Harness Your Muse.

Structure is the foundation that supports creative expression. Practice slowly spins the dream into a real life. Accountability brings you back to balance when you drift ... and drifting is inevitable.

This is your quest:
To discover, to reveal, to share
your true creative voice.

The treasure you’re ready for is your unique creative voice.  And the quest is to find and release it.  For you that may be in a show, an album, a new repertoire – whatever you need to complete and release to move forward in your quest and shift you to the next level in your creative life.

My commitment is to coach you to complete the project, enhance your ability to create or create it, build your audience for it and help you build the infrastructure to support your sharing it with the world – whether that’s in theaters, concert halls, schools, the internet or the place that brings you most alive.

Yes ... this IS possible.

Annette Sollie Hagen"Thank you so much for making me do something that I thought was impossible.

I love your ideas about imperfect completion ... but my sheet music has always been my safety net, and I couldn't imagine myself to perform anything by memory.

But when you broke it all down into small pieces, it all felt so simple."

Annette Sollie Hagen, harpist (Norway)

Our greatest dreams often look IMPOSSIBLE until the moment WE transform.

That's the moment they become INEVITABLE.

Your dream project is the catalyst for this transformation.

"The opportunity to get feedback from DHC is priceless, and worth any effort it takes.

Her enthusiasm is unbridled, and comments always supportive. Just do it"

Kathy King, vocalist/harpist (USA)


Invest in Your Creative Expression - Apply Now


"Harness Your Muse" is a 12-Month Group Program, to support and complete your next creative project, whether that's an album, a concert, a one-person show -- or a program for your local library.


You will COMPLETE a creative project with my guidance and support - through a combination of group coaching, direct feedback, trainings, live retreats and one-on-one mentorship with me.

You will develop systems and practices to support all three phases of the project: Creation, Shaping & Sharing -- and these systems will support you in every future creative venture as well.

You will shift to your Next Level professionally and artistically with my guidance and with the support and camaraderie of the mastermind group.

Here's What You Get

You get the systems, process and support for making the Next Level Shift in your life as a creative artist.

You'll move forward on your dreams, using a specific project as a catalyst to build the systems, skills and momentum to support you as a creative artist. You will complete this project, and share it. The project can be grandiose or simple. Made for the PUBLIC ... or created for one specific person. The scope doesn't matter.

The point is to complete it, share it in its own right - and also as the catalyst to create systems and practices you'll use over and over again to complete and share other projects (or to re-share this one!)

(above: At the theater retreat)

The Yearlong Mastermind Group combines in-person and virtual training, coaching and support including:

1. Your Big-Picture Map. This is a single page you'll create with my help, that shows where you’re going and what you need to coordinate, from the artistic to the marketing - so you always have one place you can go back to to regroup and get a bird's-eye view.

2.  The Harness-Your-Muse Toolkit: Worksheets, how-tos & practice plans and coaching in how to use them.   

3. Monthly Strategy & Focus Trainings:  In addition to the basic overview training so that, by the end of the year, you have a playbook to use in all projects going forward.

4. Group Coaching & Q&A Sessions:  We’ll meet online as a group bi-weekly for a combination of 1-on-1 spotlight coaching and Q&A sessions to answer your questions and give direct one-on-one coaching on your projects.

5. Two in-person intensive live retreats in the Boston area for training, direction and performance coaching. 

6. Accountability partners & Training:  You'll work with “Accountability Buddies” to keep you on track, and we’ll go over the best ways to work together .

7. FREE access to all online trainings and programs I offer during our work together.

8. “Shape-Shifters” Projects:  To jumpstart the creative process, you work on mini-projects that give both you and me a snapshot of your larger project and give you a chance to get personal feedback from me.

9. Emergency Email Support: When your questions are urgent, you’ll be able to email them and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

10. A Private Facebook Group where you can get support and input from the group, and coaching from me when you need it between coaching sessions.  

11. The Support & Camaraderie of a group of brave human artists like you who will cheer when you succeed at your quest, no matter how incomprehensible that success may look to the outside - and who will understand and support you when you feel the challenge of things that others think ‘should be simple.’



And most important: my complete belief in – and support of – your artistic voice, its profound value and the importance that it be shared with this world in the way you choose to share it.




Full VIP Access!

As a member of "Harness Your Muse" Mastermind, you get free VIP REGISTRATION to every one of my online programs during while you're in the program.

  • Arrange Yourself (Basics of Arranging)
  • Blues Harp Style (Basics of Blues on the harp)
  • Baroque Flamenco Beyond-the-Page (The Power of Impassioned Performance)
  • Hands on Harmony (Basic Harmony specifically for Harp)
  • Summer Harp Jam (Improvisation and Rhythm skills in a Hands-on Environment)
  • PLUS instant access to archive versions of all above classes

If you've taken these courses before, you'll also be registered in any Elite versions of the course I offer for encore-students. Are you in one of those programs that's running right now - or have you signed up for one in 2016? Your "Harness Your Muse" investment will be reduced by the price you paid for the current session.


"Strings of Passion" Virtual Retreat

You'll get VIP registration in my "Strings of Passion" virtual retreat (tentatively scheduled for Fall 2016) PLUS a special Mastermind-Only post-retreat integration session.

"Strings of Passion" is currently scheduled as a one-day virtual retreat that takes you through the creative development of an idea from First Impulse to Creative Lift-off -- with exercises, templates and playsheets to help you apply it to your own creative work.

Pay In Full Payment Plan
Pay in full: $9500 Initial Deposit of $1500 plus
12 monthly payments of $699



Got Questions?
Connect with me Direct via the "Ask a Question" form.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can to answer your questions about the program.

Betsy Chapman speaks about
"Harness Your Muse"

Harpist, Actress, Voice-Over artist and Martial-Arts Expert Betsy Chapman recently answered an impromptu question about the program at the 2015 Somerset Harp Festival.


Why is this only available to your Handpicked artists?

I wanted to make sure that people who have already worked with me, or those who have specifically been recommended by other artists who've been in the program, got the first opportunity to join the "Harness Your Muse" Mastermind.

So instead of opening the program immediately to everyone, I decided to give people I already know will deeply benefit from this progrom the first opportunity to join - so I contacted you directly.

If you're on this page and didn't get an email invitation from me, send me an email (to info "at" hipharp "dot" com) letting me know why you want to be in the program and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

How much does "Harness Your Muse" cost?

Before you think about money, first think about why you want to join this mastermind group. How will it change your life? How will your creative life expand? What will you bring into the world by committing to the program? How will you grow as an artist from working so closely with me on your own project?

Are you willing to commit to completing a project and sharing it through this program? Are you willing to consider that you could become the kind of artist you most deeply admire?

Thus said, when you pay in full, the year-long program, is currently $9500, and depending on when you apply you can arrange a 14-month payment plan to keep payments low.

Can I think about it and apply later?

You could...but spots aren't always available. Once all the spots are filled, I'll close registration - and sometimes I close it early if I feel the group is complete. So if you’re thinking about joining Harness Your Muse, APPLY NOW!

“This was the single most important musical course I have ever done in years of learning harp, and I would recommend it to anyone at any musical level.

To begin with, it was absolutely jam-packed with incredible information, from beginning to end.

Even more incredibly, I could see right away in week 1 that my fears about my harping level were unnecessary; my level simply didn’t matter. 

Deborah’s information is carefully structured so that anyone at any level can work with the concepts ... and the concepts I learned have become integral to my harping experience, like a kind of ‘harping code’."

I had been searching for this information for years, going from teacher to teacher, but with this one course, Deborah gave me all the tools I needed..." 

Blythe Tait, Vocalist, Actress & Harpist (Australia)

How do I apply? What’s the process?

1. Click this link to open the online application.

2. Fill out the application in as much detail as you can, but don't worry about doing it wrong. Just answer honestly, knowing that you may end up changing some of the answers later after you enter the program. (I personally recommend answering the questions in a separate document and cutting and pasting them into the application form)

3. Click "Submit" - and you will receive a copy of what you just submitted (so you can remember what you wrote!)

4. I'll contact you within 48 hours and arrange time for a quick chat if you have any questions about the program before joining or if I have questions about your application.

5. If you're selected I'll send you a payment link that will let you pay a deposit (if you're choosing the payment plan) or the full amount (if you're choosing to pay in full).

6. You'll sign a contract, we'll jump right into your first one-on-one call with me and begin a journey together that will change your life.

What if I don't have a project??

Sometimes people have a sense of WHERE they want to be first and then they create the project to help them get there - and that's just as valid as having the project idea first.

Some people just know they want to make a change. That's also a valid reason to consider the program.

The best thing to do is to fill out the application and in the part that says "Is there anything else you want to tell me" - just explain any of your concerns, or thoughts.

Shepherd-Ruth-HYMM-DHC-quote"I now play harp in a band for the first time. That wouldn't have happened, but for Deborah.

I am able to be on stage, not have stage-fright, know that I have something to offer, and play with confidence, without trying to 'play it all', or 'play it all perfectly'.

This has helped me realize that I really do have something to offer, and that I can promote myself, without feeling totally overwhelmed … and that I'm on the right track in helping other musicians."

Ruth Shepherd - Performer/Teacher (New South Wales)

How much of my time will this take?

That really depends on what you want to do. In a perfect world, we figure out how the program fits with what you're already doing so what you learn in the program can enhance it, or so you can incorporate what you're already doing - and not start completely from scratch.

For example, if your project was to create a website that showcases your music I'd want to know how you're already sharing your music (even if you think you're not) and then build up from there.

If your project is to create a concert, we'd start by looking at what music you already play and how to enhance that and put it into 'concert' form. Then we'd look at how to create the infrastructure a 'concert' needs to support it: a hall, tickets, programs, lighting, publicity, etc.

The program is tailored to each person in it so if you discover you don't have as much time as you hoped, or you have more than you expected, we can adjust - which is what you always have to do in life with projects.

Thus said, anytime you want to create something new in your life, you can assume that you'll want to spend 3 kinds of time on it:

  • Regular 'Habit-Setting' time each day where you simply check in with each element of your project to stay in touch (that can literally start with 5 minutes a day)

  • At least one focused Work-Play Session each week, where you're focusing on the work and play of your project. The time we spend together in the program (Q&A's, Online Group Coching, Training Segments)

  • Realistically, there's always some sort of crunch time at some point

You'll also have trainings and coaching as part of the program.

The point of the program is to make a real shift - whether it's in your career, your performance, your art, or how you're showing up as an artist/musician in the world. And that does mean investing yourself and your time in the program - and the time you invest in the program is time you're investing investing yourself and your time in you and your passion.

Why do I have to apply first? Can’t I pay now and get my spot?

I’m thrilled you’re so excited to join the group, but please complete the online application first so I have a better understanding of what you want to get out of the program - plus the questions in the application give me insight I need to have even once you're in.

If you're in the middle of another deadline right now, you want to save your place and you simply don't have time to complete the application, just let me know (use the "Ask a Question" form - it always reaches me most quickly) -- and we can work out a schedule for you to finish it. And if you've applied in the past for the solo 6-month version of the program and you're still interested in applying with the same project, just let me know and I may be able to waive the application process.

I live outside the United States. Can I still apply?

Absolutely! You’ll still be able to do all the virtual work, the private calls with me and get feedback on your work --and we may be able to Skype you into parts othe live retreats. Depending on the size of the group and everyone's schedules I may also be able to extend one of the retreats if it's at a time that more people can attend - so that people will have a chance for individualized hands-on attention.

Some projects may not actually need live hands-on. For example, if you were creating an online musical storybook - or other web-based product - you might get just as much by Skyping into the retreat, sharing your book virtually and still getting the power of the mastermind in that way.


Christine Walroff-Spalango

"Thank you so very much for all you've done so far and for lighting a fire under me. I haven't had this much fun playing the harp in well...EVER!"

Christine Waldroff-Spalango (USA)

Can I bring my baby, spouse, pet, business partner, etc. to the live retreats?

You're welcome to bring anyone you want with you to the Boston area - and my studio is close to public transportation and to many historical Boston-area locations (like ... we're located directly on the Minuteman bike trail from Cambridge to Lexington) - but in order to maintain the focus and privacy of the retreats, no-one outside the group will be present during the sessions.

However, I highly suggest extending your stay a few days before or after each retreat if you want to enjoy some of the attractions of the Boston area.


Where will we stay during the retreats?

You'll be responsible for your own food and lodging during retreats, but thus said, there are a few guest rooms in my studio building and if you're comfortable with rustic accomodations you'll either be able to stay in the big house (between $50-$75/night depending on the space) or find AirBnB-type accommodations in the neighborhood.

We'll have tea and light snacks available for break times, there are many shops and cafes in the neighborhood and we're right on a bike path near a park.

Apply NOW to Hold Your Spot

Enrollment is limited - so click the image below and join me to harness your muse ... and begin the journey of your creative lifetime.


Let’s harness your muse...together!


If you have any questions about "Harness Your Muse" Mastermind and if it's right for you,
use my "Ask a Question" form to get directly to me

A few can touch the magic string,
And noisy fame is proud to with them.

Alas, for those who never sing,
And die with all their music in them.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.